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Visa Types

Single Entry Visa

A Single Entry Visa permits the holder to enter a country once.

Multiple Entry Visa

A Multiple Entry Visa permits unlimited number of entries into a country within the visa & stay validity.

Double Entry Visa

A Double Entry Visa permits 2 entries into a country within the visa & stay validity.

Re-Entry Visa

A permit required for a person to re-enter his own country after a long stay abroad.

Tourist / Travel Visa

This is a specific type of visa for travelers who are visiting a country for tourist reasons, or visiting friends and relatives for a limited time period.

Business Visa

A business visa is for travelers who are visiting another country for a limited period of time for the purpose of commercial meetings, discussions, negotiations or similar activities. Business visas are usually insufficient for travelers who will undertake work or temporary work assignments in a country.

Student Visa

Multiple-entry visas are given to bona fide students to pursue regular studies or correspondence courses at recognized institutions. A letter confirming admission from such an institution along with evidence of financial arrangements for stay in the country should accompany the application.
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