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ezeego1 provides best-in-class mapping solutions using cutting edge IT tools and AI algorithms to have an automated work flow for mapping the following as listed below. All these solutions are rendered through an API. We also help implement the same as per client/agency requirements.

Geography Mapping
  • Locations - Mapping of agency data to our business data.
  • Country
  • City
  • Area
Product Mapping

Hotel - Mapping of agency data to our business data.

  • Product
  • Room type
Product Enhancement - Expanding classification and grouping of hotel products

Geographical Zones/Landmarks

Room Type Mapping
  • The quality of supplier room type data greatly between suppliers and often bears little resemblance to the hotel website.
  • We take the hotel website as the “single source of truth” and then attempt to map supplier hotel room data to our hotel master data.

The ezeego1 Global Content for Flights, Hotels, Attractions, Car Rentals, Cruises, Holidays, Rail etc can be accessed via an API. Each product has a separate API and by integrating the API get access to not only the direct contracts of ezeego1 but also access to over 200 plus global supplier content in a single API.

Features - ezeego1 APIs

  • Easy To Integrate – Improves overall response time

    => Enhance User Experience. Using JSON development tool => one of the latest available. (The light-weighted middleware use simple format for data sharing. The tool allows faster processing by JavaScript.)

  • Fast Response

    The new API supports caching with response within sub-seconds to 2 seconds.

  • Wide Global Content

    Product mappings for 400K hotels from over 50 suppliers available. We can help partners with their product mapping challenges.

  • Promotions and Discounts

    ezeego1 promotion and discount are included in the search response message. Enable partners to offer best rates to your clients.

  • Digital Cancellation Policy

    Digital cancellation policies across major products. This feature ensures business partners are informed of the penalties upfront. This feature supports real-time cancellations and amendments via the APIs in most of the cases. The feature empowers clients to incorporate time limit logic if required.

  • Mapping

    The API supports mapping at the room type level using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

  • Upfront Commission Options

    ezeego1 B2B API include upfront commissions when applicable. Enable partners to influence the client’s buying decision that benefits your business.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Supports multiple forms of payments including deduct from deposit, credit based on guaranteed and credit/debit card. Latest forms of payments can be added when required.

  • Real Time Cancellation

    The API supports real time cancellation for all ezeego1 direct contracts where applicable. The same applies to third party content that supports real time cancellation policy. For suppliers that do not support real time cancellation, it will take the cancellation flow queue.

  • Enhanced Customer Self-Service Features

    Enable booking management features via the API with minimum manual intervention. 

The API Process
  • 1

    Standard Business NDA off. Post NDA sign off XML Documents will be shared for review.  

  • 2

    Business questionnaire will be circulated. We would request you to share all the details as per the sheet. Details such as company profile, IP details are mandatory.

  • 3
    Integration Access

    Basis the details shared in Business questionnaire, integration access would be created.

  • 4
    Development Portal Access

    A project manager will be assigned and access to our developer portal will be created to post queries, issues and other clarifications.

    Kick off call

    An API run through between the two teams will be arranged for better understanding of the specifications.

  • 5

    Post development completion, test scenarios need to be executed. Development build will be verified basis the test scenarios shared with ezeego1 team and accordingly production access would be initiated.

  • 6
    Go Live

ezeego1 also offers White Label of its booking engine and can be used for B2C or B2B distribution by agencies. The client can brand the ezeego1 site as their own site using their branding.

  • ezeego1’s booking engine will have the client branding in terms of colours, CSS and logo as per their brand guidelines.
  • The site will be hosted, developed and managed by ezeego1.
  • Agency will have the flexibility to choose the products needed on the White Label site.
  • ezeego1 grants the license of use of the White Label site only to the agency.